Monday, July 17, 2006

OK, you're all in big, big trouble!

I'm pissed and I want answers! Which one of you told Henry Rollins that he was funny and people cared about his opinion? Was it you? I was subject to this aging moron twice this weekend. The first time was Saturday morning when he was played on XM's comedy station. And in case you're wondering, it wasn’t funny. Angry, venomous and ignorant, but not funny.

The second time was when I caught the first five minutes of his TV show in The Independent Film Channel (IFC). Again, it was just him ranting for five minutes under the guise of a "comedic monologue."

Basically his act was/is "Bush is stupid." Uh, OK. Anything more to that? Whether or not you agree with him, you have to admit that it's getting old. Six years ago when you said "Bush is stupid" it would either start a fierce debate or an outbreak of riotous laughter. Nowadays, regardless of how you feel about it, people are de-sensitized to it. Rollins just shows that he has not ability to move on with life if this all he has time to talk about, and it shows that IFC is starving for programming.

I was hoping this whole “celebrities as full-time political activist” thing was about done. I guess I was wrong.

I know celebrities are people, and have a right to their opinions. But I have a right to not give a fat rat’s ass about what they think and to mock them for their ignorant, uninformed, follow-the-leader viewpoints. I also have a right to make fun of people who follow these half-wits like a bunch of lemmings. I just can't see myself ever saying "Well, a flat tax sounds like a good idea, but I can't give you my official opinion till I find out what the guy from 'F Troop' thinks."

Just because these humps do something that manages to entertain people long enough to get their names in the paper does not mean they are smart! Frankly, based on interviews I've seen on TV, 99% of people in the entertainment industry have no clue what it's like to live in the real world! They are going to tell me what to think?

Make you own opinions. If you can't do that, at least listen to the people around you who know and care about you and not some talking head inside the idiot box.


Brian said...

Well, knowing that David Lee Roth has his own radio show is enough to convince me that people put way too much stock in the "oooooh... a name people will recognize!" factor.

And yeah, the "Bush is stupid" rant is very old now and the "Kerry is gangly" remarks never had a chance to get off the ground.

James Bender said...

"Kerry is gangly"

[gasp!] Just how long have you been sitting on this information?

Anonymous said...

I agree that Bush is a boring topic but I love Henry's IFC show. Sorry!

James Bender said...

>> I love Henry's IFC show. Sorry!

You're forgivin.

I only had it on while I was trying to find the remote (it had gotten kicked under the couch).

Brian said...

if you are going to listen to Henry Rollins I suggest listening to him on this ipod skin!