Thursday, September 07, 2006

Some People Have No Freakin' Class

So, unless you've been living under a large, rock-shaped object for the past week, you've probably heard by now that Steve Irwin, "The Crocodile Hunter" was killed in a bizarre accident. Bizarre when you consider that the first time I saw they guy, all I saw was his feet and the rest of him was wedged into a rattlesnake den beneath a large boulder-shaped object, from which he was grabbing said snakes and pulling them out of the hole, and this behavior was not unusual for him.

I was a casual fan, and I wasn't going to post anything because pretty much anyone with a website already has, and how much more can someone say about what happened. It was tragic and weird, but life is like that sometimes.

That was until I saw this comment from Germaine Greer, the author of "The Female Eunuch":

"I really found the whole Steve Irwin phenomenon embarrassing and I'm not the only person who did, or indeed the only Australian who did."

She then called anyone who is mourning Irwin's death "stupid," sucker-punched an orphan, burned down a hospital and ate a live puppy.

OK, I made those last three things up.

Geeze, is it just me or does this broad need to get laid?

I would remind this dried up, man-hating bag that

  • No one asked her

  • She hasn’t done anything culturally relevant in about 20 years (and no, bailing out of the British version of “Big Brother” doesn’t count)

  • Irwin did a lot to help endangered animals not only in Australia, but the whole world

  • He has a wife and two kids who are going to miss him. Are they stupid?

I would also like to remind her that just because she is miserable and unhappy is no reason to be such a bitch.


Jordan said...

I find myself agreeing with you on this one (call the press).

I think the media is just upset because he didn't die at the hands of a croc/snake like everyone (including myself) was so sure would be the case.

In the end, Steve Irwin provided the air waves with educational material at the expense of his personal safety. You have to admire that sacrifice at least in some small way.

Brian A said...


His loss is very sad.