Thursday, March 22, 2007

An Open Letter…

Dear Asshole who broke my car window, tore out my dashboard and took my stereo along with the seven CD's under my seat,

On the off chance you are actually reading this, I just want to let you know what a pain in the ass you caused me today.

Because of your actions:

  • I was made to wait in the parking garage on one of the windiest days in recent memory waiting for the police
  • I was forced to listen to the angry ranting of your other victims (three more in all) as they started to trickle into the garage as the work day ended
  • I will have to go to the police department tomorrow and get a copy of the report
  • I had to go out of my way to the Kroger in German Village and buy clear shipping tape to fashion a "temporary window"
  • I had to drag my laptop through said Kroger, because you've shown me that I cannot trust people enough to leave anything of value in my car, apparently even if it is part of the car, which puts me in a bit of a bind
  • I had to file an insurance claim
  • I had to miss the .NET user group meeting
  • I will have to take time off of work tomorrow to take my car in for repair
  • I will have to pay a $500.00 deductible
  • I will have to rent a car for about a week and a half
  • I have already had to recount the story seven times to seven different people, and none of my friends, family or co-workers even know it happened yet, so I'm looking forward to having to tell the story about a dozen more times
  • I have been tempted to drop the "f-bomb" on this blog, which I promised myself when I started it I would never do

I know this probably doesn't mean much to you. You obviously don't care about anyone. Given that the best you seem to be able to do is stealing, I'm guessing that you really don't care about yourself either. And that's fine; frankly I don't care about you either. Aside from my anger, and wishing you were there so I could throw your ass over wall to the street seven stories below, you are worthless to me. I imagine you are pretty much worthless to everyone in your life as well.

So, what's it like being someone who contributes nothing to the world? If you died would anyone care? Or even notice? Maybe your fence? I'm guessing you are doing this to purchase drugs, so maybe your dealer? But then I imagine that there are hundreds of you on the street, and when you are gone you will be easily replaced. Maybe the next one will be a little taller or shorter. Maybe a little thinner or fatter. But I'm guessing no one will notice that someone has even taken your place. What's it like to be so worthless that you essentially interchangeable with any other loser out there?

What do your parents think of what you do? Do you even have parents? Are they just as bad? Or do they simply not care?

In any case, I'm sure that in the rare moments that you do think about your "life" and how little you've made of it, I'm sure you blame someone, anyone except you for the situation you are in. Your parents, the police, society, schools, whatever. But deep down you must know that's all bullshit. Even if you don't want to face it, only you are responsible for the waste your life has become.

Can you even look at yourself in the mirror? I wouldn't be able to.

The items you stole are just "things" and I will easily replace them, like you are easily replaced. Actually, some of those CD's were imports, so they will probably be harder to replace than you would be.

As for the CD's, I can't imagine you are going to fence them. You CAN'T expect to get much money for them. Even at a used CD store you may get $10.00 for the lot. Did you take them for personal use? I somehow doubt that you are sophisticated enough to enjoy CD's by Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, Mozart, Rush or my CD of "Great Moments in Italian Opera."

As for the CD/MP3 player, it was about five years old, and not state-of-the-art when I did buy it USED. By the way, the MP3 feature hasn't worked for years. While I'm sure you are a drug user, I admit I have no idea what you choice of drug is, but I hope the $0.50 you get for it buys you enough junk to make it worth it.

But, at the end of the day you are a worthless scumbag who probably won't live to see 30, not that you appear to have anything to look forward to. Oh well. I can only take solace in the fact that I am a better person than you, and that is something you can't ever take away from me.



Jeff Hunsaker said...

I feel for you. I'm sure you feel quite violated-I would. But, as you alluded in your post, this person likely doesn't have much of a future. Take comfort you don't share his plight. (Ok, I'd want to thump this jerk too...)

Oh, and there weren't any open seats at the .Net meeting anyway. ;-)

Arnulfo Wing said...

Ouch. Sorry to hear about the break-in. I had the same experience once. They broke my car window to steal my $24.99 set of speakers. The worse part was that I've never locked my car (1980 VW Scirocco), yet they broke the window, so replacing the window cost me more. Dumb criminals. Karma will get them.

Tim said...

Dude, been there...three times. Two Kenwoods and an Alpine later, I have decided that the factory stereo does a solid job. (I know, Hundayi probably installed a dial only AM radio in your car, so you had no choice. :) )

But, if it makes you feel any better, the second Kenwood was literally bolted to the firewall of the car. I ran two straps of metal to the firewall, and had a secondary bolt on the metal bar that supported the bottom of the dash. Our thief did get the radio removed, but I would have liked to been there to watch him/her tear the shit out of their hands. Of course, they had to kick the bottom of the dash board off, so I didn't really "win" in the long run...

James Bender said...

Thanks Tim.

I can't really remember too much about the stock radio, other than that the main components were a coat hanger, a spool of copper wire and a potato.