Friday, July 27, 2007

Long Time, No Blog

Hi everyone!

I've been busy for awhile, but I'm starting to get some time freed up, so you should start seeing more regular content here.

For now, you'll have to accept the following rant to make up for the lapse:


I have a latest pet peeve: tools or applications that claim to be Vista compatible where the first step in the installation instructions is "disable UAC." This was doubly troublesome due to the fact that this particular tool required UAC to be disabled not just for installation, but for using the tool!

In my opinion, if you're going to claim Vista compatibility, you should support something as important as UAC. To require it to be disabled while you're installing is bad enough, to insist that you KEEP it disabled is ridiculous!



Tim said...

Yeah, I hate iTunes, too...

Brian H. Prince said...

0. "Sorry I haven't blogged" blog entries as bad form.

1. agree. about the install comment, and tim's itunes comment.

2. can you stop posting, and just finish the potter game so i can have my wii back? -grin-

James Bender said...

@Tim: shockingly, I'm NOT referring to iTunes, not that it doesn't have it's... "issues."