Monday, October 29, 2007

If You're Reading This, It Means I'm Dead

That's right, dead-tired of not having my own website!

I am now the proud owner of, although like the second Death Star, this site is not yet fully operational. However, thanks to the magic of Microsoft Silverlight you will soon be seeing the most elaborate "Under Construction" page the net has ever known!


blindman said...

"That's right, dead-tired of not having my own website!"
Way to dash our hopes, dude!

Tim said...

The "Under Construction" page is so 1996...either you have something to say or you don't.

James Bender said...

Tim, you are obviously missing the comedic value of an elaborate, Silverlight based "Under Construction" page. I'm just going to say that Randall got it and leave it at that... :)