Tuesday, October 03, 2006

All of your Tent of Meeting are belong to us.

An entry from the journal of Ben-Dhar, 52nd level Bard/Magic User/Fighter/Monk/Ranger/Project Engineer and Lord of Westervillenhaus….

The cold wind ripping at our skin could only signal one thing; the arrival of the 60th level Project Manager and his Business Analyst hordes. Before I could react, he deployed his "Tent of Meeting" and was beginning the incantation of the dreaded “Mandatory Attendance” spell. My developer quickly produced a weathered scroll from his pack and began to read from the “Documents of User Requirements”, turning back the horrible attack. Before we could celebrate our victory, he quickly drew his “Staff of Working this Weekend” and leveled it squarely at us. I prepared for the worst...

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Anonymous said...

You R way 2 funny...!! :)