Thursday, October 05, 2006

Buying the Farm Cow House Part 3: Let there be FIBER!

So, the saga ends; I have purchased a house.

I finally selected on a nice 3 bed, 2 bath spec home in a nice quiet wooded area. This house has pretty much the same floor plan as the house in my last post on the subject, but has an extra family room and a much better laid out master bedroom/bathroom. So, I guess I got the cuter twin sister. :) Not only that, but since it’s a spec home, and the builder is anxious to unload it, I got what I would call a pretty good deal.

But I found out one of the best things about the house today. I called to make arraignments to have the phone service set up. I was a little discouraged to hear that I would not be able to keep my 1.5 Mbit DSL service in my new house. Since it was new construction and kind of out in “Gods country” I figured this was a risk I was running, and was resigning myself to the reality that I would have to get a cable modem. I don’t have anything really against cable modems, but I don’t buy my television programing through them, so I would have to pay a bit of a surcharge for just internet access. It’s also one more bill I have to deal with every month. Just a pain in the butt.

I was saved though. While I cannot get DSL, I do get FIBER!

Optics, that is. So, instead of 1.5 Mbits, I’m getting 6!

This owning a house thing just gets better and better. I’m half expecting to go into my basement one day and find a hidden entrance to Ben & Jerry's secret Ice-Cream Mine or something…

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new house.!!!!