Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Microsoft Virual Labs; a review redux...

VL Guy (from Microsoft???) made some comments on this thread, but since it's kind of old, and probably not being closely followed anymore, I thought I would just post to let everyone know that (per VL Guy)...

Also, the VL team is trying a new format - part Webcast/part Virtual Lab - on Architecting with Team Foundation Server. It's a one shot deal on Wed, Aug 30th, 12:00pm PST. Check it out: http://msdn.microsoft.com/virtuallabs/default.aspx

If the 1st run is successful, they may run more of these and make them viewable on-demand.


Also, check out the new format the team is piloting on Architecting with Team Foundation Server http://msdn.microsoft.com/virtuallabs/default.aspx It's part Webcast and part Virtual Lab but it's a one shot deal on Wednesday, Aug 30th, 12:00PM PST.

If it goes well they may run more down the road.

Very good!

Unfortunatly, being at a client site I will not be able to partake of the August 30th lab. Unless.... [cough, cough] uh... I think I feel a cold coming on. Uh, yeah... I have a feeling it's going to hit me the middle of next week... [cough, cough]... ;)

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