Thursday, June 15, 2006

New for Tech Ed 2006!

Come on out for our Thursday morning all-nerd pajama party!

That's right, everyone meet in the Hilton parking lot at 3:30 AM and see what your fellow Tech Eder's wear... or don't wear to the sack!

Discuss interesting topics like:
  • Is there really a fire?
  • Has the fire department been called?
  • When can we go back to our rooms?
  • Are we getting a free night out of this?

We're looking forward to see all of you there!


Selected comments from the Tech Ed Pajama Party:

"Man, this sucked! All the speakers were half asleep!"

"The room was too cold."

"Why weren't refreshments provided?"

"Hellllloooo..... Swag?"

So, if you haven't' figured it out already, there was a fire alarm last night (actually this morning) at the hotel. So we all had to shuffle to the parking lot while the fire department checked it out. I did notice several people, at 3:30 AM mind you, already fully dressed with their Tech Ed "man purses" ready to go. Wow! Turns out it was just "steam." Yeah... uh.... steam.... of course....