Sunday, June 11, 2006

Scene from a Boston highway....

Highway Patrolman: "Sir, do you know what we do to drunk drivers here in Massachusetts?"
Driver: "Uh, re-elect them to the Senate?"

Apologies to whoever I stole that joke from.

Well, I made it, and I am standing in the BCEC right now writing this entry. I got to ride through one of the "Big-Dig" tunnels, which was, uh... like being in a tunnel....

So far, I only have two observations...

  • There were about three people on my flight in, besides me, who were waiting for suitcases at baggage claim. In addition to our suitcases, there were about 20 going around and around on the carousel. This tells me that either American Airline just pissed of several people, or several people got lost somehow during that harrowing 50 yards between the plane and baggage claim.
  • Even though it's only Sunday, the convention center is a buzz. I know some people are here for pre-conference stuff, but I'm wondering how many of the rest of us are just excited to be here (or don't have anywhere better to go. :) )

At any rate, I'm waiting for the bookstore to open up. They have a sign up (several actually) that say that for every purchase, you get an entry in a drawing for one of two 360's (SWEEET!), a Microsoft directors chair (That's OK too) or a pair of those sunglasses-MP3 player combos like "Dogg the Bounty Hunter" wears.


Now THERE'S a look I think we can ALL appreciate!

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